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SH3 provides the full range of information technology solutions that your company requires, including ordering computers, installing and maintaining networks, installing and configuring server applications (such as email and print services), installing and configuring Microsoft software, and comprehensive computer consulting.

Network Installation and Maintenance

If your business has more than one computer and you want to share information, you need a network solution. Using Microsoft technology, we can help you determine which network is right for you, install the network, train, and assist you in network maintenance. As a Microsoft Registered Partner, our solutions are solid and expandable and are based on a feature-rich network designed to make your company more productive.

Active Scanning Firewalls

In today’s business world, a properly installed and configured active Firewall is a critical part of your companies digital security. Our technicians will help prepare your network with business grade protection from both criminal intruders and unintentional mishaps. With active scanning of multiple communication lines your business’s network will have superior protection from malicious or accidental security issues.

On-Site and Off-Site Data Backup

Reliable, Business class storage with automated processes to backup laptops, servers, SQL databases, Exchange databases and line of business applications. HIPAA acceptable solutions are included for dental office networks and doctors office networks both in and around Fredericksburg.


When it comes to computers, many people are overwhelmed by the rapidly changing industry. SH3 can help you determine what computer hardware, software, peripherals and personal devices are a best for your company.

Malware Protection

Our actively managed network security service provides valuable protection from malware. By constantly updating our database and automatically patching new information and fixes to your computers, we’ll help keep you safe from malicious software.

Purchasing Advice

Understanding computers is a challenge, and understanding networking equipment is even harder! Our very experienced IT technicians will guide you through the whole process, making sure you get what you need at the best value. We know all about servers, switches, and can even help you with choosing the best laptop, desktop, or tablet! We’ll help you be prepared for future expansion and use our years of expertise to position you for the ever-changing terrain of networks and devices.

QuickBooks Training

Now you have QuickBooks! What do you do next? Following the QuickBooks wizard will take you a long way in helping setup your company books. We come in where the wizard stops and your time constraints come in to play. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor can work one-on-one with you to answer questions and even raise questions about your company procedure as it relates to QuickBooks accounting. You will save days of question raising, researching, trial and error and phone calls.


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